About Us


The ecosystem of sensors and other connectivity devices working to collect and transmit data is only getting bigger. In fact, it’s estimated by multiple consulting firms and technology insiders that by 2020, 20 to 30 billion units will be connected. The Internet of Things market is not going away, and it’s through IoT implementations that companies can take advantage of expanded revenue streams, cost savings, and risk mitigation.

Whether your business requires increased efficiencies via automation – and therefore consulting services and product suggestions – or cost savings and improved productivity from an already-established system, VesCo Solutions can support you. Recognizing the value of an interconnected system, VesCo Solutions offers comprehensive solutions to ensure your company or institution isn’t left behind. VesCo’s founders have the know-how to help enterprises big and small source cutting-edge components and equipment while addressing logistical challenges. We also provide services such as engineering design, contract manufacturing, and supplier consignment, serving as a one-stop shop for your business needs. We understand the complexities of your business and will provide you with a personalized and satisfactory consultation and customer experience.

Our company was founded in the global tech capital Silicon Valley, California, USA. This gives us a prime advantage in understanding the best technology that’s available. Additionally, we have over 10 years experience providing engineered solutions directed at the IoT market. The ability to share these innovations and incorporate them into projects in any part of the world competitively gives VesCo the differential your company needs. Our team also has experience living and working abroad, with language fluencies to facilitate communication and ensure materials are exported with fast and safe delivery.

Most importantly, we strongly believe that IoT is not limited to connecting machines – it’s about connecting people. We value relationships and have a genuine interest in understanding you and your needs. We know that when you are better served, so is your end consumer.

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