Louisville Sustainability Summit Urban Agriculture Tour

Louisville’s Sustainability Record On October 19th, VesCo Solutions participated in the Louisville Sustainability Summit hosted at the University of Louisville. The Summit was a joint collaboration between the Louisville Sustainability Council and Louisville Metro Government’s Office of Sustainability. If you’re in Louisville’s ‘Sustainability Circle,’ you are familiar with the initiatives to reduce Louisville’s carbon footprint and mitigate the city’s urban heatRead More →

Guilty of not having a green thumb? Feeling crammed with limited space for your plants? Unsure how to optimize your greenery growth by understanding your internal or external conditions? We have a cure! Hearing about similar time and space challenges and wanting to remedy, Favo Technology stepped into the agriculture space two years ago. Headquartered in Curitiba, Brazil – aRead More →

Why we Partner with Maestro Wireless Solutions Let’s start with the basics – why we chose Maestro Wireless Solutions as an Industrial IoT manufacturing partner: Quality Value Pricing Truly Global Footprint Commitment to Products’ Lean and Efficient Functionality So…what does the above mean for our customers? Because Maestro Wireless is focused on the essentials, their products aren’t overly functioned. ThisRead More →