The Human Connection

We strongly believe that IoT is not limited to connecting machines – it’s about connecting people

In fact, we believe in the human factor so much that we carried on a family legacy. VesCo is short for Vespasiano Consulting – and VesCo Solutions was the name of our founder’s father’s company in Brazil. Of course, it served a different industry niche than how we’re serving VesCo’s clients today – but isn’t it fun to carry on tradition?

Meet Our Leaders

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Iuri Vespasiano

LEGO® Blocks for Adults: that’s how our founder, Iuri, refers to our line of work. With certainty, he loves the creative layering of LEGO® Blocks! An Engineer by education and Account Consultant by niche, he has brought his passions to fruition with VesCo Solutions.

Operating Values


If there’s a request you believe falls outside our scope, ask us anyway! If our team can’t directly address it, we will partner with an industry expert who can. Above all, we want to ensure your requirements are met.


Systems – and departments – need to communicate. Similarly, you need compatible product suggestions and holistically engineered concepts.


Consider us an extension of your team. Moreover, expect fast responses and tailored suggestions. In short, we’re here for consultation and troubleshooting far beyond the sale.


We have nothing to hide. Therefore, the agenda between parties is a shared one, with you at the forefront.