Your Complete BOM Sourcing Partner

We recognize that there are project needs that go beyond what’s offered via our authorized partnerships. Ultimately, our value is serving as your complete Bill of Material sourcer, overseeing all the parts in your BOM. Our long-standing relationships with globally represented manufacturers allows us to do so.

Our Most Popular BOM Sourcing Partners

Bosch is an electronics and engineering company providing industrial products.

Digifort specializes in video monitoring and video surveillance software.

Draco Electronics is an OEM manufacturer and turnkey cable assembler.

Fujitsu is an information technology services and equipment company.

Magenta is a specialist in image and video analysis applications, software integration, and middleware.

MultiTech is a wireless solutions company specializing in Industrial IoT products.

PELCO offers security cameras, CCTV, and video surveillance systems.

Samsung provides electronics and smart appliances, including phones and tablets.

Super Micro Computer specializes in application-optimized server, workstation, and GPU systems.

What’s This Mean to You?

Perhaps you’re new to BOM – also known as Third Party – Sourcing. We’ve captured the primary advantages of our BOM Sourcing capabilities below.

  1. Fewer PO’s and Purchasing department approvals 
    • By handing over your BOM and allowing VesCo to source all required parts, the approval process is simplified. Our customers enjoy the simplicity of directing their bulk PO’s to a single company, eliminating otherwise bureaucratic processing approvals.
  2. A single point of contact, your VesCo Solutions Services Specialist
    • Knowing that your assigned representative is your go-to for all project inquiries, your teams’ need for multiple vendor inquiries is eliminated. In addition, we communicate BOM lead time and pricing and troubleshoot any vendor management complications for you.
  3. Combined volume pricing
    • Importantly, by being aware of your organizational goals, we understand where you can benefit from larger quantity discounts, without putting out your budget.
  4. Stock management
    • We welcome advantageous bulk orders to facilitate your budgetary needs. This also gives assurance that items are in stock and ready for release when called upon. By scheduling PO’s, your BOM needs are met while allowing you to not carry the burden of excess inventory.

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