Why we Partner with Maestro Wireless Solutions

Let’s dive in with the basics. Why did we choose Maestro Wireless Solutions as an Industrial IoT manufacturing partner? Above all, here’s what Maestro brings to this space:

  • Quality Value Pricing
  • Truly Global Footprint
  • Commitment to Products’ Lean and Efficient Functionality

So…what does the above mean for our customers? Because Maestro Wireless is focused on the essentials, their products aren’t overly functioned. As a result, you get core application abilities without paying for specs that aren’t directly adding operational value.

Additionally, given their Hong Kong headquarters and offices throughout the world, they have a legitimate global presence. This gives customers with international operations confidence that a product plugged into an American operation can be scaled outside our borders, as they have seamless substitutions. We understand this transition is imperative, as it eliminates additional R&D and troubleshooting for time-sensitive implementation.

Positioned for 3G -> LTE Transition

The M110 Series modems offer two versatile I/Os, either 2-way or 3-way, depending on model selection.
The M110 Series is perfect for Medical, SCADA, Machine Automation, and Control and Maintenance Applications.

As a specialist in Industrial products, Maestro Wireless has been around for 25 years. This experience – and a close eye on markets in Asia, Europe, and the Americas – has allowed them to follow the evolution of technologies and better prepare their products per the latest demands.

That product development includes the latest progression with M1, Cat-1, and Cat-4. Their LTE Cat-M1 products are optimized for IoT and low data speeds. As such, low power consumption and an easy, direct connection to equipment are design priority.

The M110 Series modems are 60 x 66 x 21.7 mm.
Maestro Wireless’ M113 is lightweight, at approximately 80 g.

We are closely following the introduction of Maestro Wireless’ M113 Modems expected to launch in June. Given that it’s LTE Cat-M1 based, and an expansion of their M110 Series, the M113 is the perfect transition product for those currently using a M100-3G Modem.

In addition, they separately address the 13 spectrum band for Verizon and the 2/4/5/12 bands for AT&T, T-Mobile USA, and Sprint.

Industry Application

Based on what you’ve learned so far, you’re likely already saying ‘Gotta have ’em!’ If not, let us help guide you in their solution offerings.

Speaking to the Industrial Automation realm, Maestro Wireless’ products are predominantly within the Smart Energy and Utility niche. Of particular example, you’ll find their modems and routers facilitating:

  • Oil and Gas Pipe Monitoring – gathering station input data and ensuring compressor monitoring and alarming
  • Meter Reading Automating – providing tamper reports and allowing cost-effective deployment strategies
  • Water Treatment Plant Monitoring – safeguarding against water level rises

Furthermore, within Business Continuity, their emphasis is on solutions that prevent an interruption to daily activities. Their products increase security via Remote Server IP Binding and door open detection while offering access to high speed and low latency communication. Uses of their equipment include:

  • Vending Machine Management – controlling inventory and processing Smart Payments
  • Digital Signage – offering live feed
  • ATM Management – enhancing security

Facilitate the Transition

We’re ready to tell you more about Maestro Wireless’ portfolio and how their offerings can be of service to you! Connect with us to discuss your requirements and determine product suggestions.

+1 502.882.1523 (USA)

+55 41.4042.0013 (Brazil)