Louisville’s Sustainability Record

On October 19th, VesCo Solutions participated in the Louisville Sustainability Summit hosted at the University of Louisville. The Summit was a joint collaboration between the Louisville Sustainability Council and Louisville Metro Government’s Office of Sustainability.

Louisville Sustainability Summit Keynote Speaker, Dr. David Orr of Oberlin College gave an exceptional speech about 'The (Missing) Politics in Sustainability and Education.'
Sustainability Summit Keynote Speaker, Dr. David Orr of Oberlin College Photo Credit: Tom Fougerousse, University of Louisville Photographer

If you’re in Louisville’s ‘Sustainability Circle,’ you are familiar with the initiatives to reduce Louisville’s carbon emissions and mitigate the city’s urban heat trap. However, if you’re not, it may be surprising to learn of the focused efforts to conserve energy, promote clean air, improve waste diversion, and support alternative transportation.

Did you know Louisville:

  • Ranked #3 of Mid-Size Cities for the EPA’s annual Top Cities list for the most ENERGY STAR certified buildings in 2017?
  • Is a member city of 100 Resilient Cities, a global network supported by The Rockefeller Foundation aimed at reducing the impact of physical shocks and economic and social stresses on cities by building their resilience?
  • Participates in the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, an international coalition supporting action to combat the effects of climate change?

Our Sustainability Mindset

While local government is active, let’s face it – sustainability goes beyond government. It’s through collective participation by non-governmental organizations, businesses, and individual community members that impact is deepened.

As a Community Partner, we are grounded in supporting efforts towards sustainability. Our primary avenues for impact include:

In the afternoon, a walking tour was offered as a breakout session option.
Summit Urban Agriculture Tour Photo Credit: Autumn Hockenbury, Louisville Sustainability Council Volunteer
  • Renewable Energy IoT Solutions – We provide products and solutions emphasizing renewable energy. These include solar powered installations and street lighting control with LED ENERGY STAR rated lumineers.
  • M2M Device Recycling – We’ve supported companies’ efforts to resale products that are no longer serving their automation needs. As such, these devices optimize their life lines.
  •  Software Packages – Many underestimate the impact of strong and comprehensive digital infrastructure. By optimizing device performance and scheduling preventative maintenance via remote software management, companies can significantly reduce their carbon footprint. We have intentionally collaborated with manufacturers who offer varied software solutions with interoperability at the forefront.

Take the Leap

There’s certainly more room to grow, but we are proud of our efforts. Most importantly, we recognize sustainability is a continual process and will continue striving towards our goals.

Dr. Neeli Bendapudi shared U of L's intentionality in sustainable initiatives.
Sustainability Summit Address by University of Louisville President, Dr. Neeli Bendapudi Photo Credit: Tom Fougerousse, University of Louisville Photographer

Are you, too, proud of your sustainability efforts (whether on an individual or institutional level)? Leave us a comment below sharing your progress.

Additionally, if you’re looking at future automation, let’s discuss incorporating sustainability into your connectivity initiative. We share a sentiment expressed at the Summit. That is, the time for an ‘either-or’ attitude is of the past; businesses can be both sustainable and profitable. 

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