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As a Digi International Channel Partner, we wouldn’t miss an opportunity to attend their 2019 Global IoT Conference.

A strong blend of networking, new visions of product innovations, and industry highlights, the conference showed Digi’s impressive portfolio. Above all, for VesCo, it emphasized their value as a manufacturer.

As a complete solutions provider, we intentionally seek distribution of manufacturers who complement each other in creating a reliable IoT topology. With this in mind, we selected Digi International to master the connectivity of our projects.

For Digi, easing Business Transformation is imperative. As such, Digi identified factors shifting the IoT landscape and common IoT deployment challenges. With this insight, they successfully incorporated products that meet market demand.

Digi's conference brought folks from all over the world who were eager to share user experiences.
Digi International’s Global IoT Conference featured informative case studies as well as in-depth informational breakout sessions. Photo Credit: Digi International

So what are the industry trends, and how are Digi International’s products prepared to deal with this ever-changing market?

Industry Trends

5G and IoT

Even those who are not in the IoT space (or with the least technical knowledge) have heard about 5G in the context of geopolitical positioning. Of course, that’s not what we’re here to discuss…

Mobile data traffic is doubling every 18 months. Higher network speeds, lower cost devices, and affordable rate plans are driving this exceptionally higher cell usage. With this shift, 2G and 3G are on deactivation, and 5G is emerging as an essential update. 5G intrigues in its promises for everywhere connectivity, energy efficiency, and secure networks.

With this shift, Industrial IoT verticals will be particularly impacted. This is due to the number of connected devices increasing and lower latency gaining importance. Recognizing this, Digi International is launching several new industrial routers (falling into their newly named IX line) in 2020. We can’t share many details, but we’ve seen the specs and are excited for their launch!

Software & Analytics

IoT is no longer just about hardware. With the ability to remotely monitor devices, manage predictive maintenance, and generate reports to inform decision making, software is an essential element in an IoT ecosystem.

DRM 3.0 is savvy, with the ability to trigger process workflow in other apps, such as automated ticketing.
Digi International’s breakout presentation on Device Management referred to DRM as the ‘Quarterback of the Stack.’ This is based on its control, insight, security, and reliability. Photo Credit: Digi International

Understanding this, Digi International created their Remote Manager. Known as DRM 3.0, it prioritizes security and reliability. Aside from its ability to monitor device health and compliance (i.e. device runtime and temperature and firmware upgrades), DRM offers alert setting and remediation. This is based on your personalized compliance profile. In addition, DRM provides edge intelligence and API’s, allowing you to connect edge to third-party platforms. This includes additional cloud providers.

Perhaps the best part of DRM is that it comes with a free 30 day trial. With devices working as ‘locations,’ the ability to succinctly and remotely manage your Digi devices is what we call success.

Legacy Tech Transformation

Per Hitachi, 85% of machines are not connected. As a result, data transmission is impaired and analysis limited. This is especially impactful to the manufacturing field, which can benefit from factory operational optimization and increased collaboration between departments.

Of course, investing in brand new IoT infrastructure is a heavy financial burden. Fortunately, it doesn’t take a capital overhaul to get these machines online.

Retrofitting is an affordable option that enhances the longevity and effectiveness of existing infrastructure. That is, companies can add value directly by installing sensors and connectivity adapters. Whether the requirement is cell, Bluetooth, or RF, there’s a secure Digi adapter suitable for installation.

Try Digi International

We’re ready to support your business’ transformation. Think Digi sounds right for you? Let’s discuss their product lines further!

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