The FIEE Experience

After 30 editions of FIEE, it launched a new face for 2019’s booming trade show. With this year’s exposition, FIEE put forward its brand created exclusively for the shifting Brazilian market: FIEE Smart Future and FIEE Smart Energy.

We aimed to make our booth as interactive as possible, with touch screen monitors on display by Aplex.
Our President, Iuri Vespasiano, demonstrated Aplex’s HMI Panels to booth attendees at FIEE Smart Future.

Hosted July 23rd through July 26th in São Paulo, Brazil, the expo presented more than 250 hours of activities and technical content. The former focused specifically on the energy market of the country, the expanding industrial focus on technology and connectivity, and the advancement of manufacturing practices.

Without a doubt, FIEE lived up to its tradition of being the main hub of business, content, and innovation. In its focus on the electrical, electronics, energy, connectivity, and automation sectors, it projected to the future with a convergent and integrative format.

Our Participation in FIEE Smart Future

Given the expo’s targeted market, we had a fitting place as an exhibitor. Along with highlighting our integrated service model, we showcased some of our manufacturing partners via hands-on applications. Check out the Success Team we featured at this great event:

  • Aplex Technology, which offers a variety of competitive solutions for systems integration applications, including embedded computer platforms and industrial screens.
  • Digi International, the pioneer in wireless communication, creating a future for connected devices.
  • Maestro Wireless Solutions, an industrial specialist in IoT known for designing and manufacturing routers, trackers, and modems.
  • PlantDemand, a software platform that facilitates communication and maximizes production in asphalt, concrete, and aggregate plants.

Note: We spotlighted Maestro Wireless Solutions in a previously published blog post. Check out this article to discover some of our preferred facets of this dynamic manufacturer.

Glowing Reception in São Paulo

For VesCo Solutions, the expo was a meaningful way to get in touch with companies – mainly in the state of São Paulo – who are seeking solutions to be more dynamic and competitive. With our partners, we brought the technological innovation that can lead Brazil’s industry to a new level, with more efficiency and productivity.

Along with incredible event sponsors, we had an impressive team representing our smart solutions! Featured left to right at our FIEE Smart Future booth: Iuri Vespasiano and Alex Binotto, representing VesCo Solutions; and David Kok, of Aplex Technology.

In addition, during the four days, we had a large number of booth visitors and a valuable networking opportunity. Of primary interest is our guiding goal to gather ideas and solutions that stimulate the exchange of experiences.

With the event now behind us, the prospects are promising for the coming months. Ultimately, we believe in the development of the country and are confident that we can collaborate for the growth of Brazilian industries.

Lastly, to those intrigued, catch us at the next installment of FIEE Smart Future in 2021! (Yes, due to our fantastic experience at this year’s event, we intend on future representation).

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